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Your secret communication weapon

Ninchat is a new, natural and social workplace for people working around the same topics. Using Ninchat feels like being in the same room.

Less email, fewer meetings and less travel. More engaged and efficient teams.

Get your own Ninchat channel and start a new era in your team communication.


Aug 8 2013 Ninchat and Veikkaus (The National Lottery of Finland) to start co-operation - Press release (in Finnish)

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Leading social meeting place in Finland

IRC-Galleria reaches half of Finlands 15-24 year old population and is the most efficient online engagement platform in the country.

In the service users meet new like minded people, maintain blogs & discuss in over 1 million communities.

Founded in the year 2000 IRC-Galleria is one of worlds first social media services.

IRC-Galleria in media

09.03.2012 YleX (in finnish)
14.10.2011 Iltalehti (in finnish)

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Underground meeting place in Germany is our German social media site with a lot of character. It has about 100.000 active users mainly in Lower Saxony.

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Realtime hangouts for Twitter

Twitvisio allows real time group video chatting around interesting and trending #topics in Twitter.

Choose your #hashtag Twitvisio channel and hang out with new people!

Twitvisio is a Twitter extension used as a test service for our cool new technologies.

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